8:30 AM08:30

CLMR Practitioners' Forum: Culture, Ethics, Banking and a Digital Future

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will respond to an address by APRA Chairman Wayne Byers and join a discussion of the new Banking Executives Accountability Regime (BEAR) at the University of New South Wales' Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation 2018 Practitioner's Forum to be held at The Mint in Macquarie Street, Sydney, on Friday 23 February 2018.


The purpose of the program is to give attendees the latest thinking on the big issues in law and policy related to corporations, banking and finance for 2018.

In anticipation of the Banking Royal Commission the program also includes three experts on culture, ethics, law and regulation in the financial sector, who will discuss how these inter-connect and the Commission might consider these issues.

The community is expecting ever more from corporations, and so are the Parliament and the courts. Another session discusses how director’s duties may be both ‘public’ and ‘private’.

Finally, the financial sector is at the fore-front of digital change. Our speakers including a great computing science communicator, legal academic and regulator will give you the latest on digital currencies, blockchain and initial coin offerings.

Download programme here

Tickets: https://webpay.fin.unsw.edu.au/OneStopWeb/LAW_CLPF_2018  

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9:00 AM09:00

College of Law | Emerging Issues in Commercial Transactions | 12 March 2018

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will again deliver her paper on "Construction of Commercial Contracts" at the 2018 Emerging Issues in Commercial Transactions event to be hosted by the College of Law on Monday 12 March 2018.

Contract Construction Redux: the High Court of Australia's Approach:
Accurately construing a written contract is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of a commercial lawyer. It is a specialised process, requiring application of legal skills and knowledge. This session canvasses the perspective of the High Court of Australia, including several recent cases which have considered the controversy as to whether, in construing a contract, the ‘true rule’ in Codelfa requires that a contract be ambiguous (on its face) before a court may consider evidence of surrounding circumstances. 

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9:00 AM09:00

Commercial Issues in Private International Law Conference | Sydney | 16 February 2018

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will present on "Proof of Foreign Law" at the Sydney Centre for International Law's Conference on Commercial Issues in Private International Law to be held on 16 February 2018.

Jura novit curia ("the court knows the law") is a maxim known both to the civil law and common law worlds. However, whether this maxim also applies to foreignlaw is something on which various legal systems disagree. The litigant's burden of having to invoke and prove foreign law continues to prove challenging. Failure to discharge the burden could harm a litigant's case, including dismissal of their claim or defence, or the application of unfavourable forum law. Should judges be entitled to rely on paid witnesses to "spoon feed" them foreign law  that can be found well explained in treatises and articles readily available on the Internet? This presentation will consider troubles with proof of foreign law and consider recent cases from Australian and UK courts, as well as comparative law approaches.

Website: Register Here
Location: Sydney Law School, New Law School Building (F10), Eastern Avenue, Camperdown
Phone: 02 9351 0429
Email: law.events@sydney.edu.au


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to Dec 1

Australian Superannuation Funds Association Annual Conference

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC (a trustee director of Australian industry superfund Club Plus Super) will Chair the session on "Impact Investing" at the world's largest pensions conference, the ASFA National Conference on 1 December 2017 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

Impact Investing is set to force change the finance industry dramatically over the coming years – evolving around complex social and environmental themes, and in many cases harnessing the latest technology.   Will new compulsory disclosures around the Task Force on Climate Financial Disclosures and modern slavery move the dial? 


  • Emma Herd, Chief Executive Officer, Investor Group on Climate Change
  • Christopher Thorn AM, Partner, Impact Investment, Ernst & Young
  • Kylie Charlton, Chief Investment Officer, Australian Impact Investments
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1:30 PM13:30

Issues for In-House Counsel - UNSW CLE Seminar | 8 November 2017

unsw cle.jpg

This seminar examines issues of current importance frequently addressed by In-House Counsel as a result of increasingly complex roles.  The responsibilities in relation to regulatory obligations are often referred to Counsel within the organisation. The landscape is always evolving and the obligations for listed and unlisted public companies as well as larger private companies are extensive.  The In-House Counsel also has to develop skills to communicate effectively with both internal clients and management.  A deep understanding of the currents in the wider economy are essential to protect your stakeholders from a range of risks.

Time:              1.30pm – 5.15pm
Venue:            The Grace Hotel, 77 York Street, Sydney    
CLE points    Four (4)
Category:       Substantive Law

1.30pm           Introduction from Chair

Chair:             Elizabeth GRINSTON, Legal Counsel , UNSW

1.35pm           Opening Remarks


Topic 1:          Managing Corporate Interests in a Public Inquiry

Speaker:         Dominique HOGAN DORAN SC, Barrister, NSW Bar, Adjunct Associate Professor, UNSW

  • Examples of inquiries past and future
  • Preparing for hearings: privilege, confidentiality, legal representation
  • Use of technology to locate and manage the data
  • Managing costs and insurance
  • Strategic choices in relation to the inquiry - passive/active, reputation management
  • Managing internal decision making and providing instructions
  • Assistance and guidance in relation to substantive materi
  • Anticipating the findings and beyond


Topic 2:         Workplace investigations – Do’s and Don’ts – a checklist

Speaker:        Brooke PENDLEBURY, Principal, Pendlebury Workplace Law     

3.30pm          Afternoon Tea


Topic 3:          Protection of Corporate Confidential Information

Speaker:         James LAWRENCE, Partner, Mills Oakley


Topic 4:         Governance Best practice; Corporate Counsel and Company secretary

Panel of today's speakers      

  • Key skills and resources for governance compliance
  • Development of layers of corporate policy
  • meaningful compliance
  • Functions for company secretary in unscheduled control activity
  • Regulatory framework for Corporate Governance
  • Top ten issues on the annual calendar for company secretaries                    

5.15pm           Questions and Close

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8:30 AM08:30

ANZSIL International Economic Law Interest Group Workshop | 12 October 2017

ANZSIL logo.jpg

ANZSIL, the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law, brings together the region’s leading thinkers and practitioners in all spheres of international law.

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will join the ANZSIL International Economic Law Interest Group as a speaker at its one-day Workshop on Thursday 12 October 2017, as a side event to the International Bar Association Conference held in Sydney between 8-13 October 2017.

Dominique will speak on the role of the G20 and her experience as a delegate to the G20 Business Dialogue (B20) under the 2017 German Presidency.

The final program has now been released. 

The IELIG provides a forum for those interested in international economic law, especially international regulation of trade, investment, intellectual property and monetary law. The work of the interest group covers all areas of international economic law and its implementation in domestic law, embracing both theoretical and practical aspects. The IELIG aims to maintain relevance for practitioners and academics alike and encourages discussion and exchange of ideas among all those involved in this field. 

Register here.

Venue: Sydney Law School
New Law School Building F10
Common Room, level 4
University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus 

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2:30 PM14:30

International Bar Association Annual Conference | 10 October 2017

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC has accepted an invitation from former Chairman of the Bar of Ireland David Barniville SC to join him on the panel "What role has good advocacy in mediations and arbitrations?" co-presented by the International Bar Association's Forum for Barristers and Advocates and the Arbitration, Litigation and Mediation Committees, at the IBA Annual Conference in Sydney on 10 October 2017.

What role has good advocacy in mediations and arbitrations? The archetypical advocate appears in court, before a judge, arguing a case and cross-examining witnesses. They are eloquent, engaging and easily able to meet the demands of a dynamic trial process. However, the opportunities for practising in that way are dwindling. The classical trial is now thought to be too long, too expensive and too risky. By contrast, there are increasingly more opportunities for mediation and arbitration. What is the difference? Can the skills of the great trial advocate be used in the mediation room? What are the techniques that must be learned and refined to excel in mediations and arbitrations?

Registration for the 5 day conference is now open: https://www.ibanet.org/Conferences/sydney-registration.aspx.

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to Sep 2

Fiji Law Society Annual Convention | 1-2 September 2017

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC has accepted an invitation from the President Lauren Vaurasi to speak at the 2017 Annual Convention of the Fiji Law Society on the topic "Law as a Profession; Law as a Business - Balancing the Scales".

Contact the FLS Secretary at flssecfiji@gmail.com or Council member Wati Seeto wati@rbf.gov.fj for registration form.


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4:00 PM16:00

Australian Bar Association | London Conference | 3 July 2017

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will host His Excellency Judge James Crawford AC SC FBA, judge of the International Court of Justice, "In conversation" at the Australian Bar Association's Conference in London at the Inner Temple on Monday 3 July 2017.

Dominique was Justice Crawford's Research Assistant prior to entering legal practice, when his Honour was Dean and Challis Professor of International Law at the University of Sydney.

Justice Crawford was appointed to the International Court of Justice in 2015. He was the first Australian member of the United Nations International Law Commission and in that capacity was responsible for the ILC’s work on the International Criminal Court (1994) and for the second reading of the ILC Articles on State Responsibility (2001).  In addition to scholarly work on statehood, collective rights, investment law and international responsibility, he appeared in more than 40 cases before the International Court of Justice and other international tribunals, and was engaged as expert, counsel and arbitrator in international arbitration. In 2012, he was awarded the Hudson Medal by the American Society of International Law. His recent work includes The International Law of Responsibility (co-edited, OUP, 2010), The Cambridge Companion to International Law (co-edited, CUP, 2012) and Brownlie’s Principles of Public International Law (editor, OUP, 2012).

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8:00 AM08:00

Governance Institute of Australia | 2017 Corporate Governance Forum | 31 May 2017

The Governance Institute of Australia's 2017 Corporate Governance Forum will be held on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at the Four Seasons Sydney, 199 George Street, Sydney. 

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC, who appeared for ASIC in the James Hardie proceedings, has accepted an invitation to join a late morning panel discussion on "The Practice of Minutes". 

Minutes are an essential part of any meeting and are a key part of an organisation’s history. It is crucial that the quality of minutes is of the highest standard. There is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to minutes. This panel of experienced company secretaries and a legal expert will explore: 

  • Best practice tips for minute taking, including how much detail to include, documenting changes to minutes and dealing with confidential conversations in minutes. 
  •  The legal requirements and implications you should consider when preparing minutes. 

Registration details: https://www.governanceinstitute.com.au/education-training/calendar-of-events/eventdetails/E00370/corporate-governance-forum

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1:30 PM13:30

UNSW Public Sector Law and Governance | 23 May 2017

An expert understanding of the proper and constitutional role and function of government agencies and executive power is essential for practising public law.  In conducting disputes, litigation and Public inquiries a complex matrix of issues is in play.   Leading practitioners will analyse topics in the fields of: Government involvement in disputes, Agencies engaging in service delivery with new technology and issues in the conduct of public inquiries, all drawing on the underlying powers and principles of public administration, providing a session that will be of benefit for those working within the public sector or involved as a consultant or advisor.

1.30pm - Introduction from Chair - The Honourable Justice John BASTEN, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of New South Wales

1.35pm - Topic 1:  Issues in Government Disputes and Litigation - Dr Ashley TSACALOS, Partner, Clayton Utz

2.30pm - Topic 2: Issues in Automated Decision-Making - Dominique HOGAN-DORAN SC

3.25pm  - Afternoon Tea

3.45pm - Topic 3:  A guide to public inquiries, for the inquisitors and the inquired into - Angus STEWART SC

4.25pm - Panel and Questions: Lessons from ICAC, Royal Commissions and other forms of inquiry - Justice BASTEN, Dominique HOGAN-DORAN SC & Angus STEWART SC

4.50 – 5.00      Review and close

Cost: $330.00


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Women on Boards Director's Circle Series "Conflicts of Interest" | 14 & 22 March 2017
5:30 PM17:30

Women on Boards Director's Circle Series "Conflicts of Interest" | 14 & 22 March 2017

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will address the Women on Boards' Sydney Director's Circle series on Tuesday 14 March 2017 (Sydney) and 22 March 2017 (Melbourne) on the topic of conflicts of interest in the context of company directorship.

Unresolved conflicts of interest are a huge risk area for directors. Apart from contravening your legal duties, a director who does not resolve conflicts of interests appropriately is risking their reputation as a director. 

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Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation Practitioners' Forum 2017 | 10 March 2017
8:15 AM08:15

Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation Practitioners' Forum 2017 | 10 March 2017

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC addressed the UNSW's Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation's 2017 Practitioners' Forum held today at King & Wood Mallesons Sydney. The Forum included a broad-ranging Q&A with her co-panellists Justice Kathleen Farrell of the Federal Court of Australia and Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith, Centre Director, as well as lively discussion throughout the day with practitioner and academic attendees at this inaugural forum, including on 

  • Can Robo-Advisers be Fiduciaries? 
  • From FinTech to TechFin – from Technology-enabled to Data-driven Finance 
  • Tightening the Noose – Directors’ Liability for Illegal Phoenix Activity

Dominique's Presentation (with hyperlinks to recent cases) is now available online (PPT) and is also available as PDF for download.

An extended written paper is available to Forum attendees and may be available on request to dhogan@barnet.com.au.

Download Full One-Day program

Liability limited pursuant to a scheme approved under professional standards legislation.


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Law Council of Australia 2017 Immigration Law Conference | 25 Feb 2017
to Feb 25

Law Council of Australia 2017 Immigration Law Conference | 25 Feb 2017

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will join the Showcase Session: "Accountability Mechanisms - Beyond Merits Review and Jurisdictional Error" at the Law Council of Australia's Annual Immigration Law Conference to be held in Sydney on 24-25 February 2017. 

This showcase session will explore the breadth of accountability mechanisms available for individuals whose lives continue to be affected by government action, such as tort claims, civil liability actions, compensation schemes and Parliamentary process. 

The overall Conference theme is "Competing Paradigms: Australia's Immigration Portfolio in 2017".

Conference Brochure & Registration Details (PDF)

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10:00 AM10:00

Governance Institute of Australia 33rd National Conference

"Advocating the Complexity of Corporate Law"

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will join the Governance Institute's panel at the 3rd day of its Annual National Conference, to be held in Sydney from 27-30 November 2016.

The panel discussion is an opportunity to hear from the barristers who advocate, advise and represent clients in intricate cases of corporate law. From the bar, hear the insider’s view of Australian corporate law.

Conference details:

Australia’s leading event for governance and risk management professionals

Hear from Australia’s most successful governance and risk management experts at Governance Institute’s National Conference. Our expert speakers will examine how embedding strong governance standards and structures throughout your organisation will lead to enhanced performance.


Speakers: http://www.governanceconference.com.au/speakers.html

Program: http://www.governanceconference.com.au/program.html

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2:00 PM14:00

Law, Parliament and Inquiries

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC will be presenting at this special seminar on parliamentary law issues, to be chaired by the Clerk of the Australian Senate, Dr Rosemary Laing.

Date: Thursday 10 March, 2016
Time: 2.00pm to 5.15pm
Venue: Hyatt Hotel Canberra, 120 Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla
Cost: $450

An Overview of the Law of Parliament

Providing her unique insight, Dr Laing will give an overview of the Law of Parliament, looking into the rationale for and application of parliamentary privilege and discussing interesting questions and recent developments in the area.

Presented by Dr Rosemary Laing, Clerk of the Senate

The Law Making Process

  • How proposals for new laws or amendments to existing laws are generated and approved
  • The legislative drafting process
  • Subsidiary legislation issues
  • The enactment process: parliamentary bills

Presented by Gregory Ross, Partner, Eakin McCaffery Cox Lawyers

Developments in Public Interest Immunity

  • Common law vs the Evidence Act
  • Application in royal commissions, judicial inquiries and parliamentary inquiries
  • Key cases and practical insights and tips

Presented by Dr Ashley Tsacalos, Partner, Clayton Utz

Parliamentary Functions and Parliamentary Privilege

  • Inquisitorial processes: Parliamentary perspective
  • Powers and privileges of Parliament and its committees, and implications for legal practice
  • Legal professional privilege and public interest immunity claims in a Parliamentary context
  • Advising witnesses, including public sector witnesses, appearing before Parliament and its committees

Presented by Dominique Hogan-Doran SC, 6 St James’ Hall


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9:30 AM09:30

Women Legal 2016 Business Roundtable

Ark Group Australia's Women Legal 2016 Business Roundtable is being held on Friday 29 January 2016 at Rydges World Square Sydney. The Roundtable will address:

  • Future of diversity and leadership in the legal profession
  • The myth of work-life balance and flexibility
  • Developing a successful and satisfying career
  • Identifying opportunities in private practice and beyond
  • Practical marketing, networking and social media tips
  • Cultural change in the legal profession

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC, a former President of Australian Women Lawyers and the Australian Bar's representative on the Future of the Australian Legal Profession Committee,  is among the featured speakers. She will focus her remarks on the Business of Law, in particular on the future of the Australian legal profession, the potential impact of disruptive technology and big data, alternative business structures and globalisation and professional mobility.

More details and registration details are available at Ark's Website.

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