Principal Areas


  • Commercial Disputes
  • Corporations, Securities & Derivatives
  • Financial Crime & Corruption
  • Financial Markets & Services
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insolvency
  • Professional & Directors' Liability
  • Property Rights & Investments
  • Regulatory Investigations & Enforcement
  • Superannuation
  • Trusts & Probate 


  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Judicial Review
  • Merits Review
  • Royal Commissions & Public Inquiries
  • Independent Commission Against Corruption

Barrister's Practice CV

On request.

Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Doyle's Guide Leading Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution Senior Counsel NSW 2016 and 2017.  

Accredited Arbitrator, Mediator and Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, with numerous panel appointments.

Industry Regulation & Enforcement

Extensive practice advising & appearing in public sector and regulated entities investigations and enforcement actions, in particular those concerning the corporate governance and conduct of financial institutions & media/telecommunications operators.

Wide experience in relation to the products and activities of the financial services sectors regulated by ASIC & APRA (including financial planning, securities, derivatives, managed investments, superannuation, insurance, deposit products and non-cash payment products, foreign exchange, & margin lending).    

Property Rights & Investments

Varied practice in matters concerning investments both domestic and international.

Particular expertise in managed investment schemes, acting for clients throughout Australia.

Considerable knowledge and experience of company title, community title and strata scheme management and development law. 

Trusts, Probate & Estates

Accredited STEP Trusts & Estates Practitioner (TEP). 

Acts throughout Australia in matters concerning the Trustee Acts, including applications for judicial advice & directions.

Particular expertise and practical experience in trustee duties, especially in superannuation context. 

Acted in numerous probate and estate disputes, acting for executors, canvassing complex issues such as cognitive incapacity, foreign law and property claims.

Royal Commissions & Public Inquiries

Appeared in numerous Royal Commissions and inquiries, including as a Counsel Assisting the James Hardie Inquiry. 

Acted for senior executives, public officials and government authorities caught up in many of Australia's most high profile corruption investigations and parliamentary inquiries.

Confidential advisor to witnesses and organisations in relation to responsible business conduct and compliance obligations under domestic and international law, with a particular focus on the construction, resources and financial services sectors.


Acts for a wide range of parties involved in corporate insolvency procedures, including voluntary administration, liquidation, and receivership. 

Particular experience in the special regimes applying to insolvent investment schemes and financial services providers, duties of responsible officers, and scheme insurance issues. 

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC provides trusted counsel to government, multi-national corporations, SMEs, directors and executives on a wide range of international and cross-border disputes and regulatory enforcement.

Her international legal practice includes:

  • Anti-Corruption & Foreign Bribery Law
  • AML/CTF Law
  • Cross-border Insolvency
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • International Financial Regulation
  • Investor-State Disputes
  • Joint-Venture Disputes
  • Oil, Gas and Resources Investments
  • Trade Law

She is a confidential advisor to witnesses and organisations in relation to responsible business conduct and compliance obligations under domestic and international law, with a particular focus on the construction, resources and financial services sectors.

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC is an accredited international Arbitrator and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. She was awarded 100% in the Chartered Institute's international commercial arbitration Award Writing exam. 

In 2016-17, Dominique has served as an Australian delegate to the G20 Business Dialogue (B20) under the German Presidency, with appointments to the Trade & Investment Taskforce and the Anti-Corruption and Responsible Business Conduct Cross-thematic Working Group.

Dominique is a member of the International Bar Association, LAWASIA, the American Bar Association (International Division) and the Law Council of Australia's International Section.

Dominique serves as a member of the IBA's Bar Issues Commission Regulation Subcommittee, and Chairs the Law Council of Australia's Globalisation (Export of Legal Services) Working Group.

She travels widely, speaking at international events on cross-border regulation, investment and commercial issues.