Advocacy, Practice, and Ethics

What role has good advocacy in mediations and arbitrations?
International Bar Association Annual Conference (Sydney, 10 October 2017) 

Advocating The Complexity of Corporate Law
Governance Institute of Australia 33rd National Conference (Sydney, 29 November 2016)

Mediation: Ethics, Confidentiality, and Privilege
NSW Young Lawyers Civil Litigation One-Day Seminar (Sydney, 28 March 2015)

Dealing with Self represented Litigants in Civil Proceedings: Practitioner Tips and Duties
The College of Law, Unrepresented Litigants Forum (Sydney, May 2014)

Privilege, Practice, and Ethics 
NSW Young Lawyers Annual Civil Litigation Day (Sydney, 22 March 2014), also delivered to UNSW Advanced Civil Procedure Seminar (Sydney, 5 March 2014)

Recent Developments in Civil Practice
NSW Bar Association - Regional CPD Weekend (Orange, 1 March 2014)


Technology & the Law

Computer says 'No'”: Automation, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence in Government Decision-Making 
Judicial Commission of New South Wales (2017) 13 The Judicial Review 1

Challenges for the Legal Profession: Data Management, Confidentiality and Cyber Security
Fiji Law Society Annual Convention (Fiji, 2 September 2017)

Automation, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence and Government Decision-Making (Slide Deck)
UNSW Public Sector Law & Governance Seminar (Sydney, 23 May 2017)


Access to Justice & the Rule of Law

Accountability Mechanisms - Beyond Merits Review And Jurisdictional Error 
Law Council of Australia Annual Immigration Law Conference (Sydney, 24 February 2017)

Challenges for the Rule of Law in Australia Today
Economic & Business Educators NSW Professional Development Legal Update Conference (NSW Parliament House, 9 October 2015)

Accountability in the Resource Assessment Process (Chair)
Griffith University, Accountability & the Law: Safeguarding Queensland from Corruption Conference (Brisbane, Feb 2015)

Evidence on behalf of the NSW Bar Association
Productivity Commission Inquiry into Access to Justice Arrangements (Sydney, 3 June 2014)


Royal Commissions, Public Inquiries, and Investigations

Royal Commissions in Australia
South Australian Bar Association (Adelaide, 20 March 2018)

Managing Corporate Interests in Public Inquiries
UNSW Issues for In-House Counsel Seminar (Sydney, 8 November 2017) 

Responding To Crisis: Royal Commissions And Public Inquiries In Australia 
UNSW LLM program in Regulation, Litigation & Enforcement (Sydney, 27 September 2013)

Regulator Powers, Client Privileges And Responses: Legal Professional Privilege And Privilege Against Self Incrimination
UNSW LLM program in Regulation, Litigation & Enforcement (Sydney, 25 September 2013)

Whistleblowing in the Private Sector
Whistleblowers Australia Annual Conference  (North Parramatta, 24 November 2007)

Corporations, Banking & Financial Services

Enforcing the new Banking Executive Accountability Regime
UNSW Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation (Sydney, 2 May 2018)

Modern Corporate Governance: The Practice of Minutes
Governance Institute of Australia 2017 Corporate Governance Forum (Sydney, 31 May 2017)

Conflicts of Interest and Duty
Women on Boards Australia, Sydney Directors' Circle (Sydney, 14 March 2017)

Directors and Officers Duties - Recent Cases and Regulatory Developments
UNSW Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation Practitioners' Forum (Sydney, 10 March 2017) 

Corporate Governance & Directors Duties: Recent Developments
KeyPoint Law In-House Continuing Legal Education Day (Sydney, 26 March 2016)

The Future of Financial Advice & Liability of Financial Advisors 
NSW Bar Association (Orange, 28 February 2015; Parramatta, 14 March 2015)

Shareholder protection in complex capital markets
Commercial Bar Association of Victoria (Melbourne, 27 August 2014)

Winding Up Unregistered Managed Investments Schemes – A Roadmap
Australian Securities and Investments Commission Enforcement Directorate (Sydney, 4 August 2008)

The impact of the James Hardie inquiry on Corporations Law
James Hardie: Where to from here? Conference, The College of Law (Sydney, 4 March 2005)


International Law & Commerce

Orthodoxy & Innovation in the Proof of Foreign Law 
Sydney Law School Commercial Issues in Private International Law Conference (Sydney, 16 February 2018)

International Law Developments in Australia 
American Bar Association Section of International Law (2017) 51 International Legal Developments Year in Review: 2016 at 579-82

The G20 and Global Financial Regulation
Australian & New Zealand International Law Society International Economic Law Workshop (Sydney, 12 October 2017)

In Conversation with His Excellency His Honour Judge James Crawford, International Court of Justice
Australian Bar Association Bi-Annual Conference  (London, 3 July 2017)

Cross-Border Issues in International Commerce
28th LAWASIA Conference (Sydney, 7 November 2015)

Challenges for Chinese investment in Australia
Hong Kong Australasian Financial Forum (Hong Kong, 21 January 2014)

Challenges for Investment: Legal and Regulatory Issues
American Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) and Australian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) Joint Seminar on Financial Services (Hong Kong, 19 January 2014)


Women, the Legal Profession, & Society

Business of the Law: challenges for our profession of a technology-based, internet society
Women's Legal 2016 Business Roundtable (Sydney, 29 January 2016)

Women, the Bar and Democracy - speech to the "Liberty's Defence? Women and the Law" lecture series, St James Church (published in the NSW Bar Association's Bar News, Winter 2004 pages 31-33).