Blog Post: Good Governance: the Practice of Minutes

Minutes need to record the business transacted at a meeting accurately and in a balanced and impartial way. This can be a challenging job but it is critical to the good governance of organisations. 

Thanks to my co-panellists Scentre Group's Maureen McGrath and QBE Insurances' Peter Smiles who joined me today at the Governance Institute of Australia's Corporate Governance Forum 2017 on The Practice of Minutes. Thanks also to our chair, Avril Lattin from Clyde & Co.  

Link to PDF PowerPoint presentation identifying the issues we canvassed in our panel discussion.

The Governance Institute has prepared some useful "Good Governance Guides":

Good Governance Guide — Board papers

Good Governance Guide — Board minutes: what to record, the business judgment rule

Good Governance Guide — Board matters: when to resolve, ratify or note

Good Governance Guide — Issues to consider when recording and circulating minutes of directors' meetings

Good Governance Guide — Issues to consider in the use of circular resolutions

Good Governance Guide — Board deliberations in relation to adopting annual reporting documents

Good Governance Guide — Issues to consider in the use of tablets for accessing board papers

Good Governance Guide — Roles, duties and responsibilities of company secretary

Good Governance Guide — Issues to consider for a chief executive officer who is also appointed as the company secretary