Commercial & Regulatory Law

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC accepts briefs across a wide range of commercial and regulatory law.

She has appeared in the High Court of Australia, the Federal Court of Australia (in the NSW, Queensland, Victorian and ACT registries), the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Supreme Court of Queensland, the Supreme Court of Victoria, the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Administrative & Civil Tribunal of the Australian Capital Territory, and the New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal, as well as administrative banning hearings of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Most cases are successfully resolved by negotiation or at mediation, sometimes after contested interlocutory hearings. Reported cases include:

Kender v Australian Securities & Investments Commission [2018] AATA 4555 (stay application by disqualified director, for ASIC)

Canberra Raiders Sports Club v ACT Gambling & Racing Commission [2018] ACTSC (successful challenge to civil penalty & licence conditions re failures to record problem gambling incidents, for Club)

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission v RSL LifeCare Limited (2018) (resolved by Enforceable Undertaking re governance, for charity)

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission v Husqvarna Australia (2018) (resolved by Enforceable Undertaking re franchising arrangements, for Husqvarna)

The Sharemarket College v ASIC [2016] AATA 1057 (stay application re licence cancellation and banning orders, for licensee & directors)

TSDack v Australian Water Holdings [2015] FCA 93 (shareholder dispute, for Senator Sinodinos)

Australian Mortgage & Finance Co v Rome Euro Windows [2014] NSWSC 996 & [2014] NSWSC 1173 (statutory derivative action, for successful applicant)

ASIC v GDK (No 11) [2012] FCA 1034 & (No 12) [2012] FCA 1035 & (No 14) [2013] FCA 459 (winding up of unregistered scheme)

Tugrul v Tarrants Financial Consultants [No 1][2013] NSWSC 1561 & [No 2][2013] NSWSC 1971 (financial advice re agribusiness schemes, pleadings, for financial planner)

Leda Holdings v Securcorp Limited [2013] FCA 1364 (managed investment scheme & responsible entity provisions)

Nowland v Maiolla; Casbee Properties P/L v Eastwood Air Conditioning P/L [2013] NSWSC 980 (shareholder dispute, minority oppression) 

Tarrant v ASIC [2013] AATA 926; (2013) 62 AAR 192 (application for review of banning order against financial planner concerning investments in Astarra Strategic Fund managed by Trio Capital, for planner)

In re MF Global Australia (in liq) (No 2)[2012] NSWSC 1426; (2012) 267 FLR 27 (insolvency of financial services business; costs, indemnity, for client groups)

In re MF Global Australia (in liq) [2012] NSWSC 994; (2012) 267 FLR 27 (insolvency of financial services business: priorities, for OTC derivative clients)

Mercedes Holdings v Waters (No 6) [2012] FCA 1412 (MFS class action, for founder & Chairman)

In re Nevada P/L [2011] NSWSC 1499 (company title redevelopment & class rights, for company)

ASIC v GDK (No 8) [2011] FCA 997 (winding up - approval of settlement of claims on scheme fund, for investors)

Tarrant v ASIC [2011] AATA 945; (2011) 56 AAR 257; (2011) 128 ALD 376 (successful application for stay of publication, for financial planner)

ZMB Australia P/L v Warne [2011] FCAFC 65 & [2011] FCA 311 (winding up - Full Court appeal re priority dispute, for investors)

Henderson v Body Corporate of Merrimac Heights CTS19563 [2011] QSC 336 (Queensland community title scheme dispute re management rights, for body corporate)

ASIC v GDK [2010] FCA 710 (winding up - trial of priority dispute turning on construction of terms of deed of purchase)

ASIC v GDK (No 6) [2010] FCA 1092 (winding up - ability of representative to compromise proceedings on behalf of the group, for investors)

AVS Property v McMaster [2010] FCAFC 81; (2010) 79 ACSR 89 (Full Court appeal re discharge of mortgage as condition of winding up of unregistered scheme, for contradictor)

AVS Property v Western Retirement Village Management Ltd (In Liq) [2009] FCA 512 
(joinder and carriage of appeal)

Westpac v ASIC [2009] FCA 1506; (2009) 181 FCR 379 (issue of debit Mastercards, for ASIC)

ASIC v GDK Financial Solutions Pty Ltd (in liq) (No 3) [2008] FCA 448; (2008) 246 ALR 580 & ASIC v GDK (No 4) [2008] FCA 858(2008) 169 FCR 497 (winding up of unregistered managed investment scheme to develop retirement village in Western Australia, for investors)

James Hardie Civil Penalty Proceedings: ASIC v Macdonald (No 12) [2009] NSWSC 714; 73 ACSR 638 (penalty proceedings re contraventions of Corporations Act for misleading and deceptive statements and continuous disclosure breaches)

James Hardie Civil Penalty Proceedings: ASIC v Macdonald (No 11) [2009] NSWSC 287; (2009) 256 ALR 199; (2009) 230 FLR 1; (2009) 71 ACSR 368 (liability proceedings re contraventions of Corporations Act for misleading and deceptive statements and continuous disclosure breaches)

James Hardie Industries NV v ASIC [2009] NSWCA 18 (appeal on continuous disclosure case)

ASIC v P Dawson Nominees P/L [2008] FCAFC 123; (2008) 169 FCR 227; (2008) 247 ALR 646; (2008) 66 ACSR 704 (public interest immunity) & P Dawson Nominees P/L v ASIC [2008] HCATrans 409 (special leave refused, for ASIC)

Wajs v Active Optics Pty Ltd [2008] NSWSC 23 (winding up, appointment of provisional liquidator)

Vale v Rosychamp Pty Ltd [2008] NSWSC 1373 & [2006] NSWSC 1341 (retail lease, for successful landlord)

P Dawson Nominees P/L v Multiplex Ltd [2007] FCA 1659; (2007) 65 ACSR 239 (public interest immunity claim for whistleblower protection under Part 9.4AAACorporations Act, for ASIC)

Graeber and Anor and Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority [2007] AATA 1966; (2007) 46 AAR 115 (‘fit and proper’ show cause challenge, for Hannover Re senior executives)

X v Australian Prudential Regulation Authority [2007] HCA 4; (2007) 226 CLR 630; (2007) 81 ALJR 611 (use of Royal Commission evidence)

Applicant Y v APRA [2006] FCAFC 37 (appeal; disqualification of senior insurance managers)

Peridon Village Nominees, application of Billingham [2006] NSWSC 464 (winding up of unregistered managed investment scheme)

Warne v GDK Financial Solutions Pty Ltd; Billingham v Parbery [2006] NSWSC 259; (2006) 57 ACSR 525 (winding up of unregistered managed investment scheme)

Applicant X v APRA [2005] FCA 1288 (challenge to disqualification of senior insurance managers)

Johnstone v HIH Limited [2004] FCA 190 & [2004] FCA 1414 (shareholder class action, for reinsurers Hannover Re)

Bowman and Ors v NSW Coal Compensation Review Tribunal and NSW Coal Compensation Board [2003] NSWSC 568 (coal compensation)

McIntosh & Anor v ARAF Capital Funding [2003] NSWSC 843 (appeal; contract dispute)

Climit Pty Ltd v Captech Group Limited [2003] NSWSC 491 (joint venture dispute)

Griffiths v Australian Broadcasting Corporation [2004] NSWSC 582 & [2003] NSWSC 1244 (defamation, for the ABC)

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG v Chiron Corp [2000] FCA 34 (patent revocation proceedings re Hepatitis C Virus genome patent, for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG)

Hanave Pty Ltd v LFOT Pty Ltd [1998] FCA 1051 (trade practices re shopping centre purchase)