Pre-qualification as Independent Member for NSW Government Audit & Risk Committees

I am pleased to have been successful in becoming prequalified as an Independent Member for Audit & Risk Committees of NSW Government departments and statutory bodies.

All new appointments of independent chairs and members to audit and risk committees of NSW Government agencies must be made from the prequalified list.

I have previously served on the Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee of industry superfund, Club Plus Super, and routinely advise boards in the public and private sector about governance, audit and risk management issues.

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) manages the scheme on behalf of the NSW Government. The scheme conditions and guidelines include a code of conduct for scheme members and specifically exclude current employees of NSW public sector agencies (other than State Owned Corporations) from serving as independent members or chairs.

Chairs and members need to meet the independence and conflict of interest criteria set out in the NSW Treasury Internal Audit and Risk Management Policy.

Prequalified independent chairs and members may be appointed to up to 5 NSW audit and risk committees at any one time (each shared 'cluster' committee counts as one).