Presentations: Listen In

Computer Says ‘No’: Automation, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence in Government Decision-Making

The Ethics of Data Science Conference, University of Sydney Centre for Translational Data Science (29 March 2019)

Link to PowerPoint Presentation (16 mins)

The Regulators Panel

Australian Bar Association Conference (16 November 2018) (48 mins)

Enforcing the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (Response to APRA Chairman Wayne Byres)

Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation (2 May 2018)

Slide Deck | Transcript (13 min)

Royal Commissions: Responding to ‘Crisis’

South Australian Bar Association (20 March 2018)

Link to PowerPoint Presentation (44 mins)

In Conversation with Judge James Crawford, International Court of Justice

Australian Bar Association Conference, London (1 July 2017) (36 mins)

Advocacy in Mediations

International Bar Association Annual Conference (10 October 2017) (17 mins)